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Nov. 28th, 2007

Name: Ripped, Torn, and Shreaded
Author: Caitlin aka VVblack_deathVV
Rating: M for mature
Pairing: Vam and maybe M-preg
Disclaimer: Dont own, never happened, dont know or own most of the characters listed
Summary: Ville past comes back to haunt him that isnt even his own he struggles with himself as a second soul stuck inside of him claimes to be a famous murderer who could it be? Will Ville be safe from himsself? and will his loved ones believe him?






"What!" Ville said shocked at the question, she repeated

"Why are you taking them if you don't mind me asking"

She asked a bit more kinder voice but looked down at the counter as she said it. Ville notices the motherly voice and calmed down a bit looking down at his cup then back at her and there eyes met in a awkward stare.

"Well...You see Ape."

He paused as he rubbed the back of his neck trying to comfort himself and took another sip of his coffee, starring at the tan ripples.

"I've been having these really bad nightmares. They have been keeping me awake at night and I guess last night I just wanted a good nights sleep."

Ville said as he sighed and played with the rim of his cup with his thumb, thinking back to what Bam said last night. He smiled slightly when he felt Aprils warm hand on his, comfortingly she said

"Don't beat yourself up Ville we all have nightmares...Some just more than others"

She smiled as she pulled her hand away and took a sip of her coffee Ville took another sip of his coffee also. He thought for a moment carefully deciding if, and what he should say to April.

"Ape I was wondering something...Why did you ask about my pills? I mean, not to sound rude but why is it important to you?"

April sighed she knew Ville would ask this and was afraid to tell him. It wasn't Ville was a bad kid or anything, but it was a touchy subject for her.

"You weren't rude its just. Well..."

She hesitated for a moment but knew she owed Ville an explanation to her worrying madness.

"You see Ville...When jess was a baby and I was pregnant with Bam Phil had decided to open a bakery. Since he was a heavy man being on his feet all day caused him a lot of pain in his legs, his friend at the time offered him some pain killers. Phil soon got addicted when I was 5 months pregnant with bam. "

April stopped her story and took the last sip of her coffee pointing to Ville's cup he smiled slightly and handed it to her.


Ville said as he watched April make there instant coffee. She looking over occasionally to see Ville fiddling with his lighter smiling as she carried the cups over she sat down blowing on the cup.

"Like I said, I was 5 months pregnant with Bam and Phil started to verbally assault me for a good month, I did nothing but take it. Finally one night I stood up to him and he got very mad and shoved me, I tried to move but he got me. I almost fell down the stairs but my back hit the wall next to the stairs. After that night Phil got really scared and checked himself into rehab, a week after he got out Bam was born and when they put bam in my arms he promised he would never touch drugs again."

Ville was shocked. He couldn't imagine Phil being mean or violent, his thought were interrupted when April cleared her throat.

"Ville please don't tell bam, I'm not sure how he would take it. He trusts Phil with his money, and love. I don't know what he would do if he found out that he was almost killed by him."

He nodded, if April didn't want Bam to know Ville wouldn't tell him. His thoughts were interrupted when he herd someone come down the stairs when he saw Phil come around the corner in shorts he cringed, April laughed and started bickering about "putting a shirt on he isn't a 25 years old anymore." Ville took this as his queue to head out back for a smoke.

Walking out onto the back porch he was met with a cold autumn breeze which made him quickly take a cigarette out, light it and hug his jacket close to himself. Walking across the porch toward the railing he felt the dry leaves crunch with each step and the cold wood on his warm bare feet made him shiver yet smile. Thinking back to what bam said last night about getting there Halloween costumes today, he made up his mind that it was Bam's night and didn't want to upset him, he would wear whatever the skater asked. A image of himself in a bunny suit popped into his head. Shaking it out he thought of bam, when he rides his board in the late morning, the skater getting hot and taking his shirt off. His body glistening with sweat and his boxers showing, pants low and that tattoo, the one they both share, sticking up over the boxers hem, showing to the world they had something-wether it be friendly or more, they had something.

Ville took the last drag of his cigarette and stubbed it out in the ashtray, walking back into the house he saw Phil and April reading the newspaper. They looked over as he came through the door, Ville gave a quick wave and continued up the stairs while taking his scarf and jacket off. Walking into the room he glanced at the clock "just a little past 8:30 he will probably want to leave around 9:30 10 ish" he thought to himself as he walked over to his suitcase.

"What to where. Maybe my rolling stones T? nah its dirty. hmm. its cold out so I should wear layers...I think ill wear my wife beater,my red button up, and my hell jacket."

Ville said to himself as he grabbed things out his suitcase and tossed them onto the bed, also grabbing a pair of faded ripped jeans, taking off his pajamas from the night before and wrapping a towel around his waist and walked to the second floor bathroom down the hall. Knocking on the door he got no response so Ville opened it locked the door behind him, hoping in the shower doing his usual things and brushing his teeth when he got out.

Walking back to his room he quickly got dressed, pulling out a little plastic bag with some makeup and face cleaner supply's, he sat cross leg on a big dresser with a large oval mirror with little flower stickers and skateboards, he could only assume its been passed around the family for a while. He steadily applied his little amount of eyeliner as he hummed a little tune to himself when he heard his bedroom door creek open, glancing over his shoulder Ville saw a sight that caused his heart to skip a beat. There stood a barley awake bam leaning on the doorframe, arm hanging loosely on the frame above his head, his mangled hair pressed down by his arm. A pair of blue spotted pajamas riding low on his hips revealing his v line, and the remains of a morning hard on.

When Ville finally realized his heart started to beat again he turned back to the mirror to finish up his left eye before he started the right. Ville heard bam yawn and shuffle across the floor towards him, feeling him slump down on his back-mumbling to his spine

"Its to fucking early."

"Oh shut up bam its only like 9:30"

"By my watch that's to early"

Bam said as he lifted his head and rested it on Ville's shoulder, staring at Ville's reflection as he cleaned off a smudge.

"Ville could you do my makeup? Please Willa"

Bam said with a pouty face, Ville rolled his eyes but smiled anyway, he loved it when bam called him Willa.

Ville quickly finished his eye, turning around he hopped off the dresser and motioned with his head for bam to get on. Wobbly bam hopped on tucking one leg under the other while he wiped the crusties out of his eyes and tried to wake himself up. Ville leaned on Bam's shin and the dresser to keep himself steady.

"Bam this is going to hurt a little since its your first time."

Bam chuckled and Ville finally realized what he said and let out a chuckle too. He leaned in close to Bam's face and told him to close his eyes, Ville pulled the skin lightly to make it smooth then he applied a thin line to both eyes.

"that wasn't so bad. Didn't even hurt actually."

Ville just smirked and told bam to look up. Doing what he was told he looked up and tears started to form in his eyes when Ville pressed the pencil down on the soft skin.

"Fuck my eyes are having a seizure!" Bam said with a little chuckle.

"if you don't stop moving your ganna have to wear an eye patch."

With that thought bam quickly shut up and tried to keep his eyes from watering up as he did the other eye. Finally it was over he turned and looked in the mirror and smiled.

"I look fucking sexy, id fuck me."

He said with a laugh as he hopped of the dresser and walked out of Ville's room to go get dressed.

When bam was out of sight Ville sighed and said "id fuck you too."

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