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Ripped, Torn, and Shreaded

Name: Ripped, Torn, and Shreaded

Author: Caitlin aka VVblack_deathVV

Rating: M for mature

Pairing: Vam and maybe M-preg

Warning: Deals with religion a bit

Disclaimer: Dont own, never happened, dont know or own most of the characters listed

Summary: Ville past comes back to haunt him that isnt even his own he struggles with himself as a second soul stuck inside of him claimes to be a famous murderer who could it be? Will Ville be safe from himsself? and will his loved ones believe him?


Ville waits patiently on the porch taking a sip of his first beer of the evening as the cool air makes his body tingle and hug his jacket closer to him. Looking down into his beer he sloshes it around a bit before taking another sip.

Lowering it he stares off at the pavement shortly after he was interrupted when little kids dressed up in there costumes run by giggling and laughing down the street swinging there pales of candy around, the glowing pumpkin heads hypnotizing him.

Thinking back to the dream last night he gets chills all over his body. Ever since his last birthday he has been getting horrible dreams of mutilated men and dead women and children.

Bam comes up behind Ville and nudges him with his foot making Ville jump and drop the rest of his beer on the ground.

"a bit jumpy there" Bam says laughing a bit and walking wobbly down the stairs and towards the nearest tattoo parlor. Pushing the dreams to the back of his mind like usual he follows closely behind bam as they take winding turns and crossing streets.

"Hey Bam I was wondering why are the kids out in there costumes so early?" Ville asked as he pulled out his pack and lit up a cigarette while holding his jacket close. Looking over his shoulder at Ville he said "I think its cause it falls on a school day so there having it tonight..yeah I think that's why" bam said answering his own question.

They finally reach the parlor there was a sign that said no smoking bam turned to Ville after reading it and said "just come in when your finished or ill meet you in the bar next door" so Ville leaned against the wall out front as bam went in.

Taking a drag of the cigarette watching as the tip glowed red he pulled it away and flicked it into a puddle and as he waited he made smoke rings. Pushing himself off the wall he went to walk away when someone grabbed his arm he turned around and there was a chubby middle aged woman with brown curly hair clutching his jacket sleeve tightly.

Before he could speak she softly said "Mr. Valo I must talk to you" he smiles weakly and says "I'm sorry miss I have to go meet with my friend he is a bit drunk-" the woman tugs at his sleeve and interrupts him by asking louder "Mr. Valo I really must talk to you" Ville got a bit worried and tried to free his arm but she wouldn't let go so he shoved her and started to walk to then door when she said loudly "Mr. Valo wait its about those dreams you have been having."

Ville's heart froze feeling all the blood rushing from his face he stepped back and faced the shorter woman "Please follow me I have something to tell you but not in front of your friend" Ville who was in so much shock followed without even thinking. He followed the woman to a palm reading place around the corner by now all the blood returned to his face but his heart was still beating loudly.

The woman points to a chair and Ville obediently sits "Mr. Valo I'm sorry if I scared you I just needed to tell you something...by any chance do you believe in reincarnation? Its when your soul is basically recycled into another person...do you catch what I'm saying?" he nods yes but hesitantly asks "what's that have to do with me?" she sits on her couch tucking in her legs and lighting up a cigarette "Well Mr. Valo it just so happens that you soul has been through the worst recycling process I've ever seen." she looks at Ville's face and see's a confused look so she continues.

Taking a drag of her cigarette she pauses"Well Mr. Valo to be blunt you have had a long line of murderers in your past life starting way back to jack the ripper...and I fear you may fall into a similar career." Ville's jaw dropped he couldn't believe what he heard was real it couldn't have been he convinced himself then he said in anger "How the fuck do you know that you never even met me before tonight...so how the hell do you know so much about me unless your just messing with me."

She sighed in frustration "Well this is new to me to but the reason I know about this is because I've dreamed about what you will become. If something happens I will have to tell the police but please take my warning-" she is interrupted when Ville stands up and begins to walk out of the room "this is fucking bullshit I don't want to hear anymore".

She jumps up off the couch and runs and grabs his arm "Mr Valo please on this upcoming Halloween night you will do an unspeakable act please take my warning and stay away from people for your sake and there's." He finally had enough and said loudly as he yanked his arm away "I don't give a shit. Stop feeding me your fucking lies" and with that he slammed the door behind him turning and walking towards the tattoo parlor feeling so wound up he lit another cigarette and sat down outside trying to calm down and process everything that just happened.

Ville finally stopped shaking but his mind was racing he couldn't think straight "Fuck" he said in an aggravated tone he closed his eyes and layed his head on the wall. Ville quickly dozed off only to be awoken by someone bouncing on his hips, looking up he sees the blue eyed skater hyper and a bit tipsy from a few beers "Come on Willa lets go home and get hammered" grabbing Ville by his wrist and dragging him away.

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