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Cold hard bitch

Your just a kiss on the lips

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Ello im cat :3
Well i suck at these things, most people do. Unless they like to talk about themselves.

i consider myself a pretty nice person, im shitty with advice, low attention span in conversations, swear alot. But a nice person. If i seem cold to people its usualy cause you offended me some how or annoy me, or im just to shy to make any new friends at the moment. And i do apologise for that!

Other things about me are i tend to start things but not finish them right away. Also i have no idea what i want to do with my life, collage definitly. But where to go, what to do, will i make the right choices or choose a path that i end up not loving anymore and are miserable. And the thought of not knowing where to go scares me.

Other less serious things that im scared of are the dark, zombies, being alone, alone in public, being somewhere without my music.

Also I guess im akward and a hermit who never likes to leave home. Im shy...what a shocker i know. I like to cuddle, read manga, and keeping myself amused....cause when im bored im a bitch. I like movies and drawring, both at once some times :D